Equity & Inclusion


  • Formally assess BIOE dept. climate
  • Better support URM graduate student retention/success
  • Educate ourselves and department about how to be better, more thoughtful, more empathic leaders, working to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusiveness are a hallmark of our dept.

Actions to Date

  • Moment of inclusion @ faculty meetings
  • Grad student support: hidden curriculum seminar series
  • Inclusion Seminar Series developed
  • Included session on DEI @ faculty retreat
  • Allocated a designated meditation space open to all students
  • Created Women in BIOE Initiative
  • Registered Rice into National Name Exchange to help identify potential underrepresented students to recruit
  • Launched a departmental Gulf Coast Undergraduate Research Symposium initiative to build relationships with exceptional undergraduate researchers from diverse backgrounds
  • Created a DEI Book/Journal Club

Actions in Progress

  • Connect to larger university/school efforts, especially for climate assessment