Undergraduate Awards

Distinction in Research & Creative Works

All Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering (BSB) candidates are eligible for this award. Applicants must be in good academic standing and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.30 in courses completed at Rice. A letter of support from a faculty member or center director is required. A student may self-nominate, and an adviser can nominate a student.

Applicants must complete the Student Application form, which can be found in the BIOE Forms Library under Undergraduate Life. One faculty mentor who has worked with the student in research or design must complete the Supporting Faculty form, also in the BIOE Forms Library. A letter of recommendation may accompany the Supporting Faculty form.

The student application and the adviser’s supporting letter are due March 28. Completed applications should be sent to Dr. Renata Ramos (rfr1@rice.edu). The Bioengineering Undergraduate Awards Committee will make the selection for the students based on these guidelines and other documented, published procedures that the committee establishes. The chair of the bioengineering department will review and approve the selection.

Past Undergraduate Award Winners


Outstanding Senior in Bioengineering: Jacob Mattia

Outstanding Service in Bioengineering: Whitney Gartenberg, Kevin Peng, Justin Tang, Shaurey Vesta

Distinction in Research and Creative Work: Grant Lu, Jacob Mattia, Maria Salazar

Outstanding Bioengineering Design Project: Autobits, with team members Mayank Ahuja (MECH), Kelvin Boateng (BIOE), Jason Dennis (BIOE), James McNaney (ECE) and Tory Songyang (ECE)

Outstanding Junior in Bioengineering: Nancy Cui, Kaiyi Jiang