DEI Book/Journal Club

BIOE DEI Journal Club

Hello and welcome to the Rice BIOE DEI Journal Club!!

Open to anyone (students, faculty, and staff included), our goal is to discuss DEI-related topics relevant to STEM academia and higher education; bring awareness of issues to the greater BRC community, and provide literature-based tools to overcome systemic challenges. Each semester has a theme in which articles are scaffolded upon. Below are the topics and articles of prior semesters.

Spring 2024 - Inclusive Mentoring and Allyship

Date Theme Articles
03/05/24 What is a microaggression and how can we navigate them? Responding and navigating racialized microaggressions in STEM
03/19/24 What tools make an inclusive classroom? Structure Matters: Twenty-One Teaching Strategies to Promote Student Engagement and Cultivate Classroom Equity
04/02/24 How does the academic environment support or hinder LGBT+ members? LGBT + academics’ and PhD students’ experiences of visibility in STEM: more than raising the rainbow flag
04/19/24 Combating ableism in academia–how can we create an environment that allows everyone to participate? TBD…

Fall 2023 - Being & Becoming a Scientist

Date Theme Articles
11/03/23 What is Science Identity? Development of a Framework for the Culture of Scientific Research (Dewey et al. 2021)
The nature of science identity and its role as the driver of student choices (Vincent-Ruz and Schunn, 2018)
11/17/23 What barriers do students face when becoming scientists? Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences Can Make Scientific Research More Inclusive (Bangera and Brownell, 2014)
12/01/23 How can we help students overcome those barriers? Overcoming Barriers in Access to High Quality Education After Matriculation: Promoting Strategies and Tactics for Engagement of Underrepresented Groups in Undergraduate Research via Institutional Diversity Action Plans (Pierszalowski, Vue, and Bowma-Gearhart, Journal of STEM Education, 2018)