Client | Barretos Cancer Hospital, Brazil

Location | Brazil


ClaroScope is a teledermatology project with Barretos Cancer Hospital in Brazil. The hospital treats many patients at the hospital, but they also have mobile units to travel to people who are unable to get to the hospital for family, geographical, or financial reasons. A major disease that the mobile units diagnose and treat is skin cancer, which is a fast-growing problem in Brazil. Nurses in the mobile units take and send pictures of suspicious skin lesions to Dr. Silveira, who can identify the proper course of action. The problem is that the photos of the lesions are often poor quality and from varying distances, which can influence how big the lesion looks. This is where the ClaroScope comes in. Claroscope is a low cost dermatoscope that clips on to any smart phone and helps the user take clear and consistent photos of the skin lesions. The clear photos will ensure that more people receive accurate diagnoses and can start treatment before it is too late.